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Dog bite: I need a personal injury lawyer?

Dog bite: I need a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers can help you with medical negligence, slip and fall, car or truck accidents, etc. They can also help you with dog bites because personal injury laws apply to all situations where one person’s carelessness directly led to another person’s injuries. This means if you get a dog bite, you have the same rights as a person who suffers a terrible car accident.

So, did you know that there are about 4.5 million dog bites in the United States each year, and 800,000 of those bites require medical attention, but only 1% get compensated? Well, these are terrifying statistics, but fear becomes less when you have a good advocate who can advise you and give you proper attention in these personal injury cases.

Sometimes, a person who attempts to pursue a dog bite claim is placed in a vulnerable position by being the victim of criticism and disregard for the situation. However, with the right legal advice, we will ensure that your case is understood in the best way by you and others; and also, we will strive to make this legal process as fast, efficient, and less stressful for you.

Can I file a lawsuit?

Yes, but the truth is that getting a lawyer doesn’t mean we have to go to trial. At our law firm, we have personal injury lawyers who will help you close a case and get you adequate compensation without having to sue; but, ultimately you make the decision. 

Our goal is to help you manage this process quickly, efficiently, and with fair compensation.

Dog bites in infants

Children are more vulnerable to a dog bite injury than adults because they are less likely to know how to act around dogs. Their unpredictable behavior can intimidate the dog and put it on alert, and because of the age and size of the child, the dog bite can be more dangerous and significant.

Dogs usually end up biting a relative’s child, a friend of the dog owner, or a neighbor, so it is also essential that a lawyer has timely information so that, if possible, a friendly relationship with the dog owner can be maintained.

Often, suppose a dog bites a child. In that case, it can generate some trauma and emotional pain, which will lead to remembering this event throughout their life with fear, so it is very important that the personal injury lawyer get you adequate compensation for past, present, and future pain and suffering.

This is why it is significant that parents get a personal injury attorney that can help them get justice for their family, but especially to protect your child’s interests and guide you through this process.

Can you help me? 

At Rafael Tirado & Associates, our accident and personal injury lawyers are ready to help you with your dog bite case; we just need to know the details of the attack and information about the owner of the dog, in order to get you the medical treatment and compensation you deserve.  

Your satisfaction is the last word. Call us at (602) 266 0292, write us online, or visit our offices in Phoenix, Tucson, or Mexico and get a free consultation to know how we can help you.

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