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Immigration Law

Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC is Arizona’s preeminent immigration law firm. We represent individual foreign nationals and a select group of Fortune 500 and other companies as well as non-profits, universities and diverse institutions across the nation and around the world in business-based immigration cases, family-based immigration, citizenship and naturalization, immigration bond hearings, and deportation defense.

Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC finds solutions to both routine and complex immigration problems through legal excellence.

Immigration Bonds

When an individual is detained by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) it may be possible for an immigration bond to be posted. Like other types of court bonds, immigration bail bonds guarantee the court appearance of an individual charged with a legal violation.

Immigration bail bonds do not guarantee that an individual will not be deported; they merely allow the alien’s release from immigration custody.

Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC has extensive experience handling immigration bond hearings. If you are not an arriving alien and have no aggravated felonies in your record you might be eligible to be released on a bond.

Deportation Defense and Removal Cases.

Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC the rights of immigrants in deportation and removal cases. Our immigration defense team can represent you in every aspect of immigration trials. Our services include:

  • Deportation & removal
  • Exclusion
  • Bond Hearings
  • Immigration appeals
  • Post Conviction Proceedings

We use many reliefs in defending the client. The following are examples:

  • Filing for Registry or Legalization
  • Temporary Protection Status
  • Political Asylum
  • Suspension of Deportation
  • Cancellation of removal
  • Withholding of deportation
  • Termination of deportation
  • Application for Waivers
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Voluntary Departure
  • Citizenship
  • Bond Hearings

Business Immigration / Work Visas

Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC provides a full range of immigration law services to businesses, schools, health care institutions and individuals. Services include preparation and submission of applications for non-immigrant visas such as the B-1 (business), TN (Trade NAFTA for Mexican and Canadian professionals), H-1B (foreign professional worker), L-1 (intracompany transferee), H2B and H2A (foreign temporary laborers), student and investor visas, and for all the various applications for permanent resident status (“green card”) including the labor certification and PERM process.

We assist small and multinational corporations to hire or transfer professional personnel and assist hospitals to secure waivers of foreign residency requirements. We also assist foreign investors in obtaining the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa and E-1 Treaty Trader.

Family-Based Immigration

Family reunification has been an important goal of U.S. immigration laws. However, not all family relationships serve as a basis for permanent residency. Under the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), immediate relatives and preference immigrants can apply for a family-based immigration visas/green cards or adjustment of status.

At Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC, we are knowledgeable, imaginative, immigration lawyers. There can be a long wait for family-based immigration visas. Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC often arranges nonimmigrant visas for family members who qualify to keep them in the United States while the family-based immigration visa is pending.

We also have experience with NACARA and TPS cases for citizens Central American nations. Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC also handles cases under Sections 245 & 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as well as immigration appeals and motions to reopen closed cases.

Citizenship & Naturalization

Persons born in other countries who want to become citizens must apply for naturalization.

However, living in the United States doesn’t automatically make one an American citizen. Residents of the United States can be aliens, nationals or citizens.

  • Aliens: Aliens are people who have left (emigrated) a foreign country to the United States. They have some of the same freedoms and legal rights as U.S. citizens, but they cannot vote in elections.
  • National: American nationals are natives of American territorial possessions. They have all the legal protections which citizens have, but they do not have the full political rights of US citizens.
  • Citizens: Persons born in the U.S. or to U.S. citizens in foreign countries are citizens of the United States. Persons born in other countries who want to become citizens must apply for and pass a citizenship test. Those who become citizens in this manner are naturalized citizens.

Rafael Tirado & Associates, PLC handles citizenship and naturalization applications, including applications under the Child Citizenship Act of 2000. We are also knowledgeable on immigration consequences of criminal activity; some crimes make the application inadmissible for citizenship and even the green card can be in jeopardy is the application is filed.